Knights News · Homecoming Week Festivities


By Olivia Howell

The week of Sept. 8th through the 12th was Hillcrest High School’s Homecoming/Spirit Week.  Nobody has more school spirit than the Hillcrest Knights, and we definitely know how to show it.  

The Hillcrest crazies have really outdone themselves this year with the insanely fun lunch activities involving games and free Otter Pops! We had some awesome dress up days such as : Fandom Tuesday, Wildlife Wednesday, Jersey Thursday, and last, but definitely not least, was Friday  HILLCREST CRAZY!!!!.

Wednesday night Hillcrest’s annual Powder Puff game, Seniors vs. Juniors, was a great game. Seniors ended the game champions, with the final score being 20 to 18.

Friday has probably all the school on their toes itching to figure out our lovely royalty. Freshman Lord and Lady were Carolia Williams and Caleb Beckston. Sophomore Duke and Duchess were Kaitlin Peterson and Dean Bogle. Junior Princess and Prince went to Katelynn Stevens and Bowen Oswald. Our Senior Queen Bailey Pinder; with Ben Schnider as her King.

We all had a chance to meet Frightline for this year, as well as a huge shout-out to the new teachers of Hillcrest High School. We are so glad you each officially became a Knight of Hillcrest.

Friday was also the time to get outside and enjoy one of the last days of sun with the parade. The Parade had a lot of amazing floats this year.  Swim Team was in a boat with water guns; the girls basketball team was throwing the basketball at the kids and playing with them as they passed. We of course had the float full of hay for the teachers, and so many others.

Everyone got to enjoy Homecoming, even if you aren’t on a sports team. Now onto Civil War on October 9th!!!